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doctor Sankalecha
Dr. Chandrakant Sankalecha
M.D. (Gynaecologist)

Dr. Chandrakant M. Sankalecha, the chief consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Sankalecha Hospital, has been in clinical practice since 1995. He is an experienced and expert clinician with strong principles of ethical practice and dedication for patient care.

He has always been a bright student throughout his training at B.J. Medical college for graduation and post-graduation and was admired by esteemed teachers of that time. Being socially inclined by nature Dr. Chandrakant Sankalecha has put lot of efforts for social awareness in woman health by writing articles on relevant topics in News-papers and talks on Akashwani.

He always stands firm on policy about rational use of medicines and transparency in transactions. His dedication to patient care and compassionate nature has led Sankalecha Hospital to the present state of one of the prominent maternity hospitals in Nashik.

Dr. Sunita Sankalecha
M.D. (Anaesthesia)

An Anaesthesiologist by profession Dr. Sunita Sankalecha forms a very strong and supporting pillar for Sankalecha Hospital. As an anaesthesiologist with vast and varied experience in managing different and difficult cases for anaesthesia, patients at Sankalecha Hospitals can rest assure that they are in safe hand.

In addition to being a popular anaesthesiologist she is admired for her excellent administrative and organizational skills. She is backbone of this hospital and always motivates others to do better.

Dr. Sunita

Dr. Neeraja Kanikar
Dr. Bagul
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